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ECS Learning Hub Child Protection Training

Access not available before 9.15am


CP/01 - Child Protection Introductory Online E-Learning Module

CP/02 - Protecting People Training

CP/03 - Child Welfare and Protection Training - New 2018 Dates

CP/04 - Inter-Agency Working in Child Protection

CP/05 - Working with Children and Families Affected by Parental Substance Use Training

CP/06 - Child Sexual Exploitation Training

CP/07 - Online Risks to Children and Young People Training

CP/08 - Chronologies of Significant Events for Children and Young People

CP/09 - Designated Child Protection Officer Training

CP/10 - CPO Refresher - Designated Child Protection Officer Update Training

CP/11 - Child Protection Case Conference Training

CP/12 - Working with Hostile and Non-Engaging Families Training

CP/13 - Abuse, Culture and Child Protection Online E-Learning Module

CP/14 - Foundation Programme in Child Protection and Wellbeing


CSA/01 - Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Online E-Learning Module - Basic

CSA/02 - Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Online E-Learning Module - Advanced


Booking Arrangements  

  • There will be no charge for courses unless otherwise stated within the description for each course.
  • Supply cover and travel costs will be incurred by the attendee's establishment.
  • A penalty charge of £50 will be made for non-attendance.


Application for places on all courses should be made on our CPD1 Form.  Once completed, the CPD1 Form should be submitted - following approval from your line manager - to the ECS Learning Hub, 2 High Street, Perth.  Please ensure that you return your CPD1 form in plenty of time to ensure you are successful in obtaining a place on your chosen course.  You will be notified whether you have been successful in obtaining a place or have been placed on a waiting list 3/4 weeks prior to the date of the course. 



General enquiries should be directed to the ECS Learning Hub e-mail account: