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Probationer Teachers & Student Placements

The core programme for professional learning and development for teachers in the early phase of their career is a shared one that has been devised by partners across the Tayside and Fife Teacher Education Partnership (TFTEP).

Perth and Kinross are committed to this community and along with colleagues from Angus, Dundee and Fife we aim to provide you with opportunities to develop a wide professional learning network through face-to-face sessions held in each local authority and access to our online digital community on GLOW.


Probationer Timeline Help Sheet
P&K Flexible Route Probationer's Handbook (pdf version)
2017 NQT Development Programme

2017 Achieving Standards for Full Registration

2017 RRIP Proposal Planner

2017 RRIP Monitoring Form

2017 Interim and Final Profile - Who does What

2017 October Progress Report

Probationer Guidance PKC 17 - 18


Probationer Day 1 - 29 August 2017

Probationer Day 2 - 29 September 2017

Probationer Day 3 - 27 October 2017

Probationer Day 4 - 24 November 2017

Probationer Day 5 - 23 February 2018

Probationer Day 6 - 16 March 2018 - Primary and Secondary

Probationer Day 6 - 21 March 2018 - Secondary Alternative Date



Over the course of the year the TFTEP Early Phase learning community enables newly qualified teachers to meet face-to-face via  a series of core days. These days allow you  to meet and mix with teachers from the other local authorities that are involved in our partnership.  To further support and enrich the collegiate and collaborative culture that we aim to develop in our community we have created an online learning space that will be used over the course of the year.

Joining the TFTEP Community in GLOW


Profile Induction for Probationers

Reflective Research in Practice

Probationer Supporters


Student Placement Information - Click Here


PGCE (Secondary) with Supported Induction Route

PGCE Mentor Communication