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Award Bearing Courses

If you are interested in studying for an Award Bearing Course that is relevant to your job role and remit, we would love to hear from you!  We may even be able to help you access funding. For an informal discussion please contact Michelle Nicol, ECS / Child Protection Learning and Development Officer (01738 476328 / or Sheila Wilson, Improvement Officer (01738 475994 /


Forms and Guidance

ECS SCYPF Guidance for Award Bearing Course Sponsorship can be found on ERIC and contains information about available funding options, including  SCYPF sponsorship and closing dates for application.

Those wishing to apply for sponsorship will require to submit an application form with supporting evidence that will be considered by a Selection Panel. Applicants providing supporting evidence as per Option 2 should consider accessing the useful resources…’ section of ERIC.  Line Managers will also require to complete a reference form.   


Some Award Bearing Courses that may be of interest

SW Professional Development Award in Practice Learning (PDAPL) or SW Practice Education

Child Welfare and Protection

Advanced Practice Skills

Working with Risk and Uncertainty

Securing Children’s Futures: Good Practice in Permanence Planning and Family Placement  

Management and Leadership in Social Services

Leading Change, Innovation and Improvement