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  • Monday 27 May 24
    Mentors in Violence Prevention 1-day capcity building course Target Audience: School Staff Mentors in Violence Prevention is an evidence based peer education programme supported by Education Scotland. It is focused on the growing concerns around the level of violence against women and girls in general, but also within the school environment. This course is aimed at schools who are currently implementing the programme in schools but require more staff trained in the approach. Read more
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  • Tuesday 28 May 24
    Positive Relationships Target Audience: All ELC and Primary staff. Course Description: This is a face to face session that will provide a framework for supporting children who are experiencing behaviour challenges, to enable them to regulate themselves to the greatest extent possible whilst taking on board your own knowledge, skills and experience. Presenter: Shona O'Connor - Perth and Kinross Council. Read more
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  • Tuesday 28 May 24
    Understanding Self Harm Target Audience: All Staff Session aimed at supporting improved knowledge of and skills in supporting young people who may be at risk of or engaging in self-harm in school. Participants will be prompted to access the recorded webinar on pathways to support (below) but will work as a stand-alone session. Presenter: Linden Hampton - Perth and Kinross Council. Read more
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  • Tuesday 4 Jun 24
    Supply PA and ECP Network Target Audience: All staff working on supply within PKC ELC settings. Course Description: The supply network allows PKC supply staff to hear about the most recent policy and practice in our early learning and childcare settings. By attending, you will be able to engage in professional discussions with your colleagues from the Early Years Team, as well as being able to ask any questions you might have in relation to your role. Presenter: Carly Williams, Catriona Roberts, Sally McDougall - PKC. Read more
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  • Wednesday 5 Jun 24
    Communication Friendly Environments All classrooms will have children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). There is growing evidence of the impact of SLCN on Children’s Learning and social integration. Presenter: Speech and Language Therapist Read more
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  • Wednesday 5 Jun 24
    Child Protection Officer Training Course Description: Child Protection Officer training can only be completed if basic awareness training has been completed. Presenter: Christy Stephenson - Perth and Kinross Council Read more
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  • Tuesday 11 Jun 24
    Moving and Handling - Refresher Target Audience: Those supporting with the moving and handling of Children and Young People Course Description: Overview of relevant legislation, and your responsibilities in relation to this. The importance of Risk Assessment, and how to approach it. Spinal function and back health, including the key principles of bio-mechanics. Controversial Techniques. Moving and handling in an emergency situation. Complex Transitions. Practical sessions-demonstrations and practise using skills and equipment to support safer Manual Handling techniques and manoeuvre. Read more
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  • Wednesday 12 Jun 24
    Do be Mindful - Drop In sessions Target Audience: Staff from COPECC/Goodlyburn, St John's, Inchview, Letham and Rattray ELC involved in the Do Be Mindful Programme only. Course Description: These sessions are for staff from the five Local Authority ELC settings involved in the Do Be Mindful Programme. During these sessions, staff can discuss progress, share examples of good practice, and reflect on how the mindfulness approach and how it can be used to support the wellbeing of staff, children and families in the ELC setting. Presenter: Nina Roberts - Perth and Kinross Council. Read more
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  • Thursday 13 Jun 24
    Solihull Approaches Foundation Training Target Audience: All staff supporting children, young people and their families. Course Description: The Solihull Approach is a framework which helps provide a practical way of working with and supporting families. It aims to increase the emotional health and wellbeing of children and their families, ensuring children have a good emotional start in life whilst supporting parents in a creative and consistent approach. The Solihull Approach helps parents process their own emotions and anxieties allowing them to cope and focus more clearly on how to assist their children's emotions, anxieties and behaviours. Please note: to complete the foundation training there is a minimum of 12 hours of learning. Presenter: Gregory Potter & Shona O'Connor - Perth and Kinross Council. Read more
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  • Wednesday 19 Jun 24
    Speech for Schools In the UK it is estimated that around 10% of children (2-3 in every class) have some form of persistent speech, language and communication needs (SLCN’s). SLCN’s come in many forms. This course focuses on supporting children with speech sound difficulties. It discusses expectations of typical speech sound development and the impact of speech sound difficulties in the primary class room. We want to build positive experiences of communication for all children and there are many way to help children with unclear speech. Staff will already be using helpful strategies in class and this course should add to these. It should also provide clarity on when and how to request additional support. We touch on the process of therapy itself to provide insight about intervention for specific speech difficulties and the importance of therapy support. Read more
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  • Monday 24 Jun 24
    Pre Registration for Childminders Target Audience: All ELC and primary staff. Course Description: This is a virtual sessions and by attending a childminder pre-registration course, this will give you all the information you need to get started as a childminder, including copies of relevant national documents, templates for business paperwork and sample policies. It is beneficial to attend an introductory session before booking on a course, however, we appreciate that may not always be possible and will do our best to make other arrangements to discuss the topics covered with people who are keen to attend. Presenter: Shona O'Connor - Perth and Kinross Council. Read more
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  • Thursday 25 Jul 24
    Early Learning and Childcare Induction Target Audience: New ELC staff. Course Description: This is a mandatory session for all new staff in local authority early learning and childcare settings. Presenter: Catriona Roberts, Carly Williams and Sally McDougall - Perth and Kinross Council. Read more
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