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SLT Training Programme - April 2021

Teaching Children to Listen

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Date and Time - 8 September 2021 - 3.30pm - 5.00pm - Session Fully Booked


Target Audience - All School and Nursery Staff 

Familiarisation with the TCTL manual would be beneficial

Presenters - Sarah Munro and Laura Kent, NHS Tayside SLT 

Aims and Outcomes - Introduction to foundation listening and attention skills.  Summary- What is TCTL?.  Demonstration of how to run TCTL groups including session plans and resources.  Opportunity for questions and practical planning discussions. 



CHAT For Schools: Phonological Awareness

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Date and Time - 15 September 2021 - 3.30pm - 5.30pm - Session Fully Booked


Target Audience - All School and Nursery Staff 

Presenters - Kaylin Terada and Lindsay Clarke, NHS Tayside SLT 

Aims and Outcomes - Phonological awareness is a strong predictor of literacy success and other related outcomes. This course looks at the difference between phonics and phonological awareness, and discusses the difference and the impact that phonological awareness may have on a child’s learning.  Staff may already know a few activities for rhyming, syllable clapping etc, but this course extends your knowledge of these and allows staff to approach these skills in a more structured way. 

A baseline measure is discussed which can be used in your classroom.  A manual of activities is provided, and the presenters will demonstrate some of these during the session.  Feedback from this course has been very positive.

Staff Will - Recognise the importance of phonological awareness in a child’s development.  Prioritise phonological awareness in the classroom curriculum. Identify children in need of targeted phonological awareness.  Know how to implement appropriate phonological awareness activities with children in a classroom or in a targeted group.




Verbal Comprehension and Comprehension Monitoring

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Date and Time - 22 September 2021 - 3.30pm - 4.30pm


Target Audience - All School and Nursery Staff 

Months Impact (Scottish Attainment Challenge: Learning and Teaching Toolkit, EEF):Reading Comprehension STRATEGIES +6 Months

Effect size (Fisher, Frey & Hattie Visible Learning in Literacy):Comprehension Programs 0.60

Presenters - NHS Speech and Language Therapists  

Aims and Outcomes - Comprehension Monitoring is appropriate for people working with children with the following difficulties: Understanding and remembering instructions and information.  Understanding concepts for learning and new vocabulary.  Asking for help and are dependent on adults to aid their comprehension.  Understanding the importance of good questioning and enables staff to direct questions at the childs level of understanding.  It is useful for all children but particularly at upper primary levels and those who are transitioning to secondary. This course gives some awareness raising of the features and impact of poor verbal understanding.  It provides a programme to follow with these children as a targeted approach, and allows time to explore resources to use.  We are working on some video material to demonstrate the work.

 Feedback from other education staff has been very positive and shows an impact on children, increasing their class participation, confidence and self esteem.

Expected Impact: To be able to identify children with comprehension difficulties.  To be familiar with the comprehension monitoring pack and memory strategies.  To be able to use these resources to run a targeted intervention group, or to use them in a classroom environment.  Increased confidence in helping children who do not understand, to take responsibility for monitoring their own



CHAT for Schools: Foundation and Communication Friendly Environments

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Date and Time - 29 September 2021 - 4.00pm -5.30pm 


Target Audience - All School and Nursery Staff 

Presenters - Katrine Smith and Joanna Ford
 - NHS Speech and Language Therapists  


Aims and Outcomes - All classrooms will have children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). There is growing evidence of the impact of SLCN on Children’s Learning and social integration. You will learn how you can adapt and improve your educational environment to make learning more accessible, to create language learning opportunities, and to make the most of your interactions with children to support their communication development.  Aligns with Environment, Structures & Routines, and Skills components of the Circle Framework.




CHAT For Schools : Supporting Children Who Stammer

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Date and Time - 6 October 2021 - 4.00pm -5.30pm 


Target Audience - All School and Nursery Staff 

Presenters - Kirsten Taylor and Katie Doyle -
 NHS Speech and Language Therapists  


Aims and Outcomes - This session aims to provide information about stammering in children and young people, and strategies which are helpful for supporting them in your setting.  To provide information about stammering.  To increase your awareness of factors which can impact a child’s stammer.  Provide  practical strategies for you to use to support a child with a stammer in your setting.  Give you an increased  awareness of other sources of information and support.  Provide you with  opportunities to seek further advice for working with specific children you support.




Booking Arrangements 
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