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Training Opportunities 2020-21 run by ECS Learning Hub - Click Here

All applications for training sessions must be completed via the following links

My View for all Internal Perth and Kinross Council Staff - Click Here

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Inclusion Service Professional Development Framework (PSA/PST) - Click Here 

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The Inclusion Professional Development Framework enables support staff opportunities for professional development in an accessible format, combining a blended model of e-learning and active participation. It provides specified training for Primary Support Assistants (PSA) and Primary Pupil Support Teachers (PPST) to build confidence and develop expertise and experience across all areas of Inclusion. The Inclusion Service Introduction Guide is essential reading for all support staff and is an interesting document for any staff working with pupils identified with additional support needs. 


The framework is offered on 3 levels: Informed, Skilled and Enhanced Levels. Courses are colour coded indicating these levels. 

Informed Level

All learning at the informed level is required and therefore is core learning. There is an expectation that all PSAs and PPSTs will complete this level of professional learning within 2 years.

Skilled Level

Selected learning at the skilled level is core for PPSTs. Elective learning will be identified through discussion as part of the ERD process and in response to Inclusion Service need.

Enhanced Level

In the enhanced level much of the learning is context specific, although there are some areas which are elective.

Priorities for learning will be identified through self-evaluation, ERD processes and the needs of the Inclusion Service

 The Professional Development Framework (available through PKC Inclusion Share Point Site)  indicates which courses are core, elective and context specific for PSAs and PPSTs.   Please refer to the document online and your ERD paperwork to decide which courses and reading are appropriate to your own professional development.

All GIRFEC , Child Protection and CALM courses can be found under the main hub course category.