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ECS Learning Hub

Leadership and Management

Basic Awareness in Leadership and Management

Course Presenter - Shona O'Connor

Target Audience - All ELCC

20th April 2021 6.30-9.30pm  31st May 2021 6.30-9.30pm    24th June 2021 6.30-9.00 

Aim - This is a virtual session to explore the basic foundations to leadership and management. This Leadership and Management course will help you to develop the skills that are essential for all leaders and managers. The course looks at the different qualities you may adopt and techniques for motivating and coaching your team and how to maximise your use of time . The session explores the varying stages of conflict resolution and give tips to support this. The course is designed to give aspiring managers some tools and guidance in order to develop their management role, within their settings.

Outcomes - By the end of the course participants should have a better understanding of the key characteristics of leaders and mangers and would confidently spot these differences within their own settings allowing them to compliment the roles.


Committee Skills

Course Presenters - Shona O'Connor

Target Audience - All ELCC

11th May 2021 6.30-9.00pm  24th May 2020 6.30-9.00pm

Aims - This course is aimed at current and potential committee members/trustees within the voluntary and community sector., that manage Early Learning & Childcare provision.  The course explores the roles and responsibilities of office bearers and committee members. 

Outcomes - The skills and understanding developed will ensure your board functions effectively and efficiently.