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 Headteacher Leadership

Leadership Development Programme - NOW CLOSED

Target Audience: Suitable for headteachers in their first three years in post and acting headteachers, expecting to be in post for the length of the programme. 

Programme Description: This programme is for a small group of headteachers within their first 3 years in post, with a combination of workshops and 1 to 1 coaching. It focuses on the leadership skills and capabilities required to lead teams, change and improvement. The programme is facilitated by Jane Mudd, the Mudd Partnership. Professional reading will inform workshop discussions and sessions will be interactive.

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Dates: Begins 15th Sept



  • To provide an opportunity for headteachers to widen their knowledge and critical understanding of leadership and management concepts and practices, including coaching, difficult conversations and leading change
  • To provide an opportunity for headteachers to develop self-awareness and critically reflect on their thinking and practice



  • Increase confidence and skills in leading and managing teams
  • Increase confidence and skills in having difficult conversations
  • Increase professional reading, raising awareness of leadership and management concepts and practices


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Closing date for applications: 3rd September 

Taking a Coaching Approach

Target Audience: Headteachers and Depute Headteachers


Programme Description: Three cohorts (one cohort of HTs and two cohorts of DHTs) will work in small groups with Mudd Partnership over two days. The programme will strengthen coaching skills.

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Dates: Headteachers - 5th Nov & 20th Jan, DHTs - Cohort 1 - 27th Oct & 18th Jan, DHTs - Cohort 2 - 26th Oct & 27th Jan



  • To identify what makes a conversation effective.?
  • To explore the value of taking a coaching approach to improve the effectiveness of conversations.
  • To raise awareness off areas of personal strength and development with regard to taking a coaching approach
  • To learn and practice the fundamental skills, approaches and techniques used when taking a coaching approach.?

 As time allows?

  • To work with tools and approaches to improve effectiveness in motivating, delegating and influencing



  • To have refreshed knowledge of coaching approaches and increased confidence and skills to adopt a range of coaching roles and styles
  • To have identified their own coaching strengths and development needs and a plan to further improve effectiveness


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Closing date for applications: 1st October 2021

Leadership Learning Sets

Target Audience: Headteachers and Depute Headteachers in All Through Schools


Programme Description: The Learning Set programme brings together small cohorts of headteachers in order to consider their leadership actions within an empowered system and offers a network of peers and support on which to draw. Learning Sets are facilitated virtually and are designed and developed based on the needs and contexts of PKC leaders. Professional reading set in advance of the sessions, focuses and supports discussion and reflection. 

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Learning Set 1 - 15th or 21st September 2021

Learning Set 2 - 10th or 17th November 2021

Learning Set 3 - 1st or 3rd February 2022

Learning Set 4 - 20th or 21st April 2022


During the Learning Set I feel I have had time to focus, share, listen to others and clarify my thinking through responding to reading, questions, quotes and information from Jane and colleagues in the Set. I feel the time has enabled me to stop, think, explore, reflect and think out with the norm without being caught up with daily business. I feel reassured that other Head Teachers are feeling as I do. I feel re-energised to work out and plan the way forward.


Time to stop and reflect, read, learn and share and hear from others. I now have a realisation of what our school needs to focus on and how to make this happen - just need to be brave! Reinforced that there is so much to be gained from taking time for your own development and the power of learning collaboratively.


The small group worked really well and good balance of reading, chat and input. It felt safe and everyone's contributions were valued. It's a good feeling when you leave a learning opportunity and feel that it's been a good use of your time! Challenged my thinking, made me reflect and I'm clear where I'd like to go next and look forward to evaluating the impact. Thanks to both presenters.

(Feedback from 2019-2020 attendees)



  • To provide an opportunity to consider your leadership and management actions and impact 
  • To actively engage in collaborative critical reflection of professional reading and consider implications for your leadership
  • To build relationships and networks that engender commitment and collegiality



  • To feel empowered and confident as a leader
  • To have increased understanding of leadership practices and concepts
  • To have an increased network of senior leadership colleagues


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