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    DHT and PT Leadership

PT Guidance Overview of Training 

PKC Leadership Planner 2022-23

Applications and Interviews - Recruitment Opens September 2022

Target Audience: Those aspiring to move into a promoted post or middle/senior leaders seeking to move into a new position.

Programme Description: Ian Fraser will be running a virtual twilight session on application forms and interviews to help school staff at all levels take the next step on their journey towards a promoted post. He has agreed to undertake a two hour session for anyone interested in Perth and Kinross Council at 4.00 PM on Wednesday 26 October 2022.

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Date & Time: Wednesday 26 October 4.00pm – 6.00pm

The session will look at:

  • Effective application forms
  • Preparing for interview, including a suggested structure for dealing with questions
  • Interview behaviours


The twilight has been previously highly evaluated by colleagues in PKC.  Booking will open in mid-September 2022.

PKC DHT PT Induction Programme (Leadership Induction Programme - Talking Teas) - Recruitment Opens September 2022

Target Audience - All Headteachers, Business Managers, Depute Headteachers and Principal Teachers. 

Programme Description: The PKC Leadership Induction Programme (Talking Teas) supports school leaders across ECS with management approaches and procedures.  The Talking Tea workshops are designed as an introduction and refresher of PKC management procedures, resources and approaches. They are led by central teams from all key services.

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Dates: 9 Sept, 4 Oct, 2 Nov, 2 Dec, 20 Jan, 20 Feb



  • To strengthen educational leadership, supporting attendees to grow and develop as leaders
  • To increase awareness of processes, protocols and resources required for educational leaders in PKC
  • To build professional collaborations and networks to enable personal and professional growth
  • Provide a safe and confidential forum to explore and address critical or wicked issues
  • Promote and exemplify the value and benefit of working alongside and learning from others



  • Increase confidence and skills in educational leadership
  • Raised awareness and confidence in implementing PKC approaches for school leaders
  • Establishment of self-sustaining and supportive professional networks for newly appointed headteachers


Apply via: 

9 Sept 10am-11:30am - FORM

4 Oct 3:45pm - 5:15pm - FORM

12 Nov 3:45pm - 5:15pm - FORM

2 Dec 10am - 11:30am - FORM

20 Jan 10am - 11:30am - FORM

20 Feb 10am - 11:30am - FORM




Taking a Coaching Approach - Recruitment Opens June 2022

Target Audience: Headteachers and Depute Headteachers

Programme Description: Two cohorts will work in small groups with Mudd Partnership over two days. The programme will strengthen coaching skills. 

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 Presenters: Sheryn Ali (the Mudd Partnership)



Cohort 1 - 16 Nov & 25 Jan

Cohort 2 - 1 Feb & 30 Mar



  • To identify what makes a conversation effective.?
  • To explore the value of taking a coaching approach to improve the effectiveness of conversations.
  • To raise awareness off areas of personal strength and development with regard to taking a coaching approach
  • To learn and practice the fundamental skills, approaches and techniques used when taking a coaching approach.?

 As time allows?

  • To work with tools and approaches to improve effectiveness in motivating, delegating and influencing



  • To have refreshed knowledge of coaching approaches and increased confidence and skills to adopt a range of coaching roles and styles
  • To have identified their own coaching strengths and development needs and a plan to further improve effectiveness


Apply via FORM 


Further Information


Closing date for applications: 30 September 2022

PKC Middle Leaders- Principal Teachers Leadership Development Programme - RECRUITMENT NOW OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY 19 AUGUST 2022

Target Audience: The programme is suitable for primary and secondary principal teachers who have been in post for at least one year. You will need approval and support of your line manager.

Programme Description - This programme is specifically designed for a group of up to forty principal teachers and will focus on building your individual capabilities as well as that of others.  The programme runs from September to FD December, with five core days and one twilight session.  It includes the completion of a 360 questionnaire and work-based project where attendees will be required to implement what they have learned in the workplace and reflect on their learning via a plenary session on the final day of the programme.

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 Presenter: Ian Fraser



Day 1 - Thursday 1 September (9.00-3.00)

Day 2 - Thursday 22 September (9.00-3.00)

Twilight - Wednesday 26 October (4.00-6.00pm)

Day 3 - Thursday 27 October (9.00-3.00) 

Day 4 - Tuesday 8 November (9.00-3.00)

Day 5 - Friday 2 December (9.00-3.00)



  • to support and motivate principal teachers to increase their confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills of middle leadership
  • to provide an opportunity for principal teachers to widen their knowledge and critical understanding of leadership and management concepts and practices
  • to provide an opportunity for principal teachers to demonstrate self-awareness and critically reflect on their thinking and practice
  • to improve an aspect of the PT role by planning and carrying out a school-based improvement project which contributes to the school improvement agenda and present to colleagues on the impact of the project



  • Increased confidence in leading and managing people, leading curriculum and pedagogy and leading change and improvement
  • Raised awareness of leadership and management concepts and practices through high quality professional learning






Closing date for applications: Friday 19 August 2022

Leading in Changing Times - Recruitment Opens - June 2022

Target Audience:  The programme is suitable for ECS employees in a people management role and is open to Depute Head Teachers and other ECS Managers who have responsibility for leading a team and managing change and improvement. You will need approval and support from your line manager to participate in this programme and as a participant you are required to be working within an organisation or role where you can demonstrate the skills and apply the knowledge within the workplace.

Programme Description:  This programme supports the development of knowledge and critical understanding of leadership and management concepts and practices. Participants will participate in 6 days of training and will develop skills to support them to further understand their role as a leader and manager and to develop skills to lead teams effectively through change and improvement.

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Presenters: Jane Mudd (the Mudd Partnership)



Day 1 - 4th Oct 22

Day 2 - 15th Nov 22

Day 3 - 8th Dec 22

Day 4 - 12th Jan 23

Day 5 - 14th Feb 23

Day 6 - 2nd Mar 23

Day 7 - 20th Mar 23



  • To understand the role of culture, values and ethics as a leader in PKC
  • To further develop awareness of your strengths and area for development as a leader
  • To develop knowledge, skills and practices to lead individuals and teams effectively
  • To build a network of peers across ECS to offer support and challenge during and beyond the programme



  • To have a range of tools, techniques and resources to use when leading and managing people
  • To have improved confidence in your ability as a leader
  • To further contribute to leading improvement across ECS


Apply via FORM


Further Information


Closing date for applications: 2nd September 2022

Secondary PT Guidance Leadership Programme Recruitment Opens June 2022

Target Audience:  The programme is suitable for Secondary PT Guidance Teachers

Programme Description:  The programme has been designed to support recently appointed Principal Teachers (Guidance). It will run from August to October and feature six days of person-centred activities, many of which will be immediately transferable to PSE classrooms. Professional reflection and development will be supported as will the consideration of the leadership and quality improvement aspects of the PT role. Skill building will include communication; relationship building; counselling approaches and dealing with conflict. In-school identification of an appropriate mentor will be expected as will a willingness to identify and share good practice.

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Presenters: Dr Fiona Keatings and ECS Staff


Day 1 - 29 Aug 22

Day 2 - 6 Sept 22

Day 3 - 19 Sept 22

Day 4 - 5 Oct 22

Day 5 - 6 Oct 22 

Day 6 - 28 Oct 22



  • to provide an opportunity for PTs to reflect on the personal and professional values, skills and abilities required within their role.
  • To support PTs in terms of their knowledge and understanding around the related issues and challenges of that role including leadership, planning and quality improvement.
  • To provide practical advice on successfully navigating identified challenges by working to build effective partnerships to deliver high quality experiences for young people.



  • Increased understanding of the PT (guidance) role in leading and managing high quality pastoral entitlement delivery
  • Raised awareness of, and increased confidence in dealing with, the challenges the role presents
  • Creation of a network committed to sharing good practice, support and innovation in the area of PSE and Guidance






Closing date for applications: Friday 19 August 2022