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Precision Teaching

Precision teaching is an approach used to monitor the acquisition of basic educational skills.  Through regular monitoring of children's accuracy and fluency, precision teaching enables staff to adjust their teaching and intervention to ensure optimum learning for the child.  Precision teaching is therefore a formative approach to assessment.  This means that precision teaching looks at the process by which a child learns and is therefore an assessment for learning rather than an assessment of learning.  The precision teaching approach is based on the idea of "mastery" learning, which proposes that individuals need to learn new skills to very high levels of accuracy and fluency in order to achieve mastery, which enables them to maintain these over times and generalise to other contexts (Haring & Eaton, 1978).

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Date and Time:  catch up : Tuesday 21st September from 1.30 to 3.30pm 

                       all staff : Thursday 23rd September 9.30 – 11.30 

Aim of intervention:   

Explore the impact of Precision Teaching Methodology on attainment in Perth and Kinross Primary Schools


Outcomes for Children: Participating pupils demonstrate an increased self-belief and attainment in the target area of literacy or numeracy.

Outcomes for staff: Implementers be more confident in supporting children to develop their literacy and/or numeracy skills as a result of the Precision Teaching methodology.

Target group:                  

Primary school pupils in Primary 3 and above, or secondary school pupils, with the following difficulties in literacy or numeracy:

  • Low self efficacy
  • Low fluency
  • Poor retention
  • Poor generalisation
  • Don’t have the basics/have gaps in learning 


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